“Those were the days my friend, We thought they’ll never end…”

Mary Hopkins remembered her days in a tavern when she sang this 60’s hit but the lyrics are haunting for anyone who is nostalgic about a certain phase in their lives. For most of us at Vidya Mandir these lines speak our mind. The experiences here whether it is teachers getting at our ears or their shrill voice asking us to leave class or the incredible mess we would make during project time gave us enough reasons to be nostalgic and emotional. The umbilical cord is so strong that not only does one keep going back to relive these wonderful memories but we insist our kids go there too (this is made possible thanks to the management ). Today this institution has grown to great heights since it first began 50+ years ago but each of us still has a little anecdote to tell about every nook and corner.

Getting together and remembering these unforgettable moments is what is done best at the Vidya Mandir Alumni Association.